Newly Written — 2017 — PDF By Request

Category: Family Christmas Fantasy

Log Line: When an Ice Queen freezes the North Pole and threatens the entire world, Santa must turn to the only allies available, the Menehunes – Hawaiian cousins to his own elves, whose tropical magic might just save the day.

High Concept: Frozen meets Santa Claus Is Coming To Town with a dash of Willy Wonka and a South Seas swagger.

Short Summary:
It is 1958 and the first US nuclear sub to make a transit of the North Pole unexpectedly wakes up Poli’ahu, the long forgotten Polynesian Ice Goddess and sister to Pele (Goddess of Volcanoes). Polli’ahu is a little crazy due to Pele having tricked her into freezing her own lover and due to her having been frozen under ice for 700 years. As her first act, Poli’ahu freezes Santa’s village and Santa barely escapes on a floating iceberg that drifts on a South Seas current to Hawaii where he enlists the help of the Menehunes (Hawaiian Elves) and Charlie (the worst kid on the naughty list). Santa attempts to master Hawaiian magic, puts together a new crew of flying dolphins to replace his reindeer, and battles his way through Pele’s lava Tikis to reach the Heart of Mauna Kea, a gemstone whose fiery powers are a match for Poli’ahu. Meanwhile, Poli’ahu is freezing the planet, starting with the world’s oceans, and when Santa rushes to confront her, he finds that the gemstone’s magic may not be enough!

Blind Love

Blind Love pictureDownload Blind Love (.pdf)

Category: Science Fiction

Log Line: In the year 2020 a matchmaking supercomputer has taken the place of dating, but when Linda Matthews and Andrew Fielding stay to the old traditions they soon find their love in danger from an evil tycoon who thinks Linda is his perfect match.


Valhalla High

Valhalla High pictureDownload Valhalla High (.pdf)

Category: Drama

Log Line: A California Valley Girl gets swept up into a crazy lifestyle revolving around, drugs, wild sex, and Renaissance Pleasure Faires.



Corsair piratesDownload Corsair (.pdf)

Category: Historical Swashbuckler

Log Line: Two brothers, medical students from Oxford, are forced into piracy, but when one of them is killed, the other searches for vengeance, even if it means taking on the dreaded Henry Morgan and the largest armada of pirate ships ever assembled in the Caribbean.



General GrantDownload Grant (.pdf)

Category: Historical Drama

Log Line: This story traces the first year of Ulysses S. Grant’s involvement in the Civil War, from his start as an alcoholic clerk in his father’s store, to his acknowledgement as the most successful leader in the Union Army.


Hoodoo Man

ZombieDownload Hoodoo Man (.pdf)

Category: Black Comedy

Log Line: A hitman’s apprentice gets in over his head and finds himself chased by the mob and an evil Voodoo Shaman intent on feeding him to a pack of kill-crazed zombies.