So the next time you see Roger Ebert sitting there on his titanium-reinforced love seat, pissing off on the work of some young person who doesn't quite have it yet, but might be on his way to having it someday, remember the one time Roger decided to dive in to the deep end of the creative pool, he wrote the Russ Meyer film "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls." And if you'll pardon me for putting on the critic's hat for a second myself, I must tell you that this film was a huge, repulsive, quasi-radioactive, spectacularly inept, borderline-troglodytic pile of high-density, low brow, can't get it out of your mind or off your shoe... Dog Shiiit.
Dennis Miller (The Rants, 1996)

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A writer has to be hungry. And I’m not talking about cutting out carbs and sugars to achieve the thin angular frame of a supermodel. I mean hungry for adventure in strange new worlds, and for the camaraderie of others who know what it means to travel in…or create those worlds themselves.

This site showcases some of my own writing– mostly film scripts, but other pieces of poetry and fiction as well. My goal is simply to share and generate feedback from other readers and writers like myself.

Someday, perhaps, someone will read what’s showcased here and decide to throw a bunch of money in my direction, but until then I remain yours truly,

the Starving Writer

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How can one distinguish one’s self from all the hack monkeys typing away out there? Good writing is a start, but a writer should have fashion sense as well.

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