Script Analysis

Whether you are a beginning or an accomplished writer, it’s good to have feedback from others whom you can depend on. The old cliché that writing is re-writing is very true. However, there is only so far that you can progress with vague comments from family members. When your brother tells you the first 10 pages don’t “grab him” it doesn’t exactly give you a clear roadmap on what to change or how to change it.

This is what I’m offering — a clearer map of how to get your project to the next level.

And why should you listen to me? Here are a few reasons:

I have a bachelor’s degree in English (creative writing). I have a master’s degree in Mass Communications (screenwriting). I have a PhD in English Literature from Claremont Graduate University with an emphasis in Nineteenth Century American Literature and minors in Twentieth Century American Literature and Film. I’ve taught both beginning and advanced screenwriting at the junior college level and, most recently, taught screenwriting at California State University, Fullerton. I’ve interned with a production company and written coverage as a script reader. And, as you can see from this website, I’ve written a thing or two. I’ve been where you are, and although your piece is sure to be unique, I can give you more personalized advice than you will find in a book.

You will find many different analysis services on the Internet. Some are horrendously expensive, others are reasonable, some are run by qualified persons, and others are not. As with any other purchase, you should shop around and make an informed decision before you trust your material to just anyone.

If you are interested in having me help you on your project, please fill out the order form. The information will then be emailed to me and I will then reply to your email and let you know whether or not your project is something I can help you with. Rates listed are standard, but prices can be negotiated.

Then, once we’ve agreed on the type of analysis needed, the price of the service, and time stipulations (how soon you need it and how fast I can critique it) you can send me a check or money order. I also take PayPal and can send you my current PayPal address if you would prefer to pay online.  Once received and cashed, work will commence.

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