Writing Drama

595 Pages
Written by Yves Lavandier


Drama is firmly grounded in the fundamentals of dramatic writing.  With an Aristotelian bent, Lavandier explores the principles that have consistently produced exceptional films. This text is not merely a format guide.  For those who are concerned merely with spacing and margins, they should look elsewhere.  What Lavandier offers is an exploration of style and structure that is peppered with a host of excellent film examples.  From a discussion of ellipses in Ford’s The Searchers to an analysis of flashbacks in Irreversible by Gaspard Noe, Lavandier pulls no punches in discussing what does and doesn’t work.  His examples, by themselves, are worth the price of the book, as they are culled from years of film study and offer jumping off points for exploration and discussion.  In total, Writing Drama offers a thorough grounding in the craft of dramatic writing for the novice and a fresh perspective on classic concepts for veteran writers looking to be inspired once again.