Hoodoo Man

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Category: Black Comedy

Log Line: A hitman’s apprentice gets in over his head and finds himself chased by the mob and an evil Voodoo Shaman intent on feeding him to a pack of kill-crazed zombies.


This was my first script. Much of the background for New Orleans was inspired from a trip I took to Mardi Gras in 1995. I stayed at a youth hostel in the Garden District and walked all over town, taking the streetcar occasionally, and then heading home on the train, from which I could look out the window at the bayou and swampy areas.

In the early eighties there were a number of zombie movies, but none of them really dealt with voodoo like the original “White Zombie” movie that inspired the name for Rob Zombie’s band. I wanted to do a humorous black comedy that used some of the great locations and atmosphere I’d experienced, and this script was the result.

Side Notes:

I used Laurel and Hardy as a visual template for Ted and Fred, the two zombie jewel thieves.