Screenwriting Resources

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American Screenwriters Association

  • The American Screenwriters Association is the world’s leading professional association organized for educational purposes, including the promotion and encouragement of the art and craft of screenwriting. ASA is committed to the international support and advancement of all screenwriters. They welcome interested individuals from around the world who are pursuing the writing of documentaries, educational films, feature films, television, and even large screen format (Omnimax or IMAX) films.

Coronet Writers Lab

  • The Coronet Writers Lab is a group of Hollywood based professional writers and actors helping writers get their scripts to be the best they can be.

Done Deal @

  • A constantly updated list of recent film script deals, including title, log line, studio, agent, price, and other info. A truly great resource. Be sure to check out the New Archives section.

Drew's Script-o-Rama

  • Screenplays published on the Net. Drew’s script-o-rama is a good source for scripts and transcripts on the net.

Good In A Room

  • Website of Stephanie Palmer, former MGM Pictures executive and best-selling author of Good in a Room.

Hollywood Reporter

  • Trade Publication for the Film & TV Industry. This and Variety are daily must-reads for entertainment business.

Internet Movie Firearms Database

  • The IMFDB (or Internet Movie Firearms Database) is a handy reference tool to see what firearms were used in different films and to see if they are stock, modified, or completely fantastical.

John August

  • John August’s screenwriting blog.

NYC Screenwriter

  • Steven Arvanites heads the largest screenwriting organization in New York City that is free and open to all writers. The mission of this institution is to provide education, support and networking as well as workshops including the acclaimed Industry Chat Series.

Screenwriters Utopia: covering screenwriting and screenplays

  • Lots of interviews, articles, and links of interest to both new and seasoned screenscribes. The site also has bulletin board and chat areas.

Script Magazine

  • Script Magazine. Screenwriter’s resources, chats, articles, online classes, and screenwriting links.

Script Shadow

  • A blog that reviews the latest scripts coming out of Hollywood.

ScriptFLY: Screenwriters Development & Marketplace

  • Here, you can order coverage on your scripts, order produced scripts from a variety of films, and list your pitches and contact information in a hierarchical directory of screenwriter links. Very good site.

The Black List

  • A survey of unproduced screenplays that are voted by producers and entertainment execs as their favorite for the year.

The Daily Script

  • This is a collection of movie scripts and screenplays. The movie scripts are presented in proper script format (for the most part) and where possible, multiple drafts are presented. A movie script is featured daily, (hence the name Daily Script). If the daily script doesn’t pique your interest, check out the SCRIPTS section for a selection of other movie scripts.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

  • First and foremost, the site contains the best searchable online database of information about films. Over 180,000 of them! But the IMDB site doesn’t stop there. This vast resource also includes current and near-future movie releases, recent box office numbers, movie quotes, daily entertainment news, and much more. Indispensable.

The Thinking Writer

  • Jon Deer’s screenwriting blog.


  • A web-based filmmakers’ and screenwriters’ community started by Kevin Spacey. TriggerStreet is named after an actual street in the San Fernando Valley where Spacey grew up and dreamed of building a theatre and making movies. The late cowboy star, Roy Rogers, once owned a ranch on the land and named the street for his horse, Trigger. When Spacey was forming his production company, the dreams he had as a teenager were ones he didn’t want to wander too far from and so TriggerStreet was created. aims to help independent and under-financed works find a wider audience. Screenwriters are invited to submit screenplays for review by their peers. Three times per year will also sponsor a Short Film Festival with 10 finalists culled from the top-rated short films submitted to the site. Those finalists will be judged by entertainment industry leaders including Bono, Mike Myers, Tim Burton, Cameron Crowe, Edward Norton and Danny DeVito.

Variety Magazine

  • Trade Publication For The Film & TV Industry. This and the Hollywood Reporter are daily must-reads for entertainment business.


  • From working screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, this site reveals some of the secrets of writing and selling scripts.

Writers Guild of America

  • The Writers Guild Of America Web Site. Register those screenplays!

Zoetrope Studios

  • In March of 1998 Francis Ford Coppola launched a website where writers could submit their short stories to his magazine, Zoetrope: All-Story. A community of writers quickly formed around the website. It became so popular so quickly that a few months later he launched sites for novellas and screenplays. The Virtual Studio brings together the original sites as departments along with other special features. Members can workshop a wide-range of film arts, including music, graphics, design, and film & video, as well as access some of the best e-collaboration tools. The cost is free.

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