It comes slowly at first,
Multiplying outward.
I am surprised at the variety of sound.
Drops echo in jagged patterns,
Soft and fragile,
Bouncing from roof tiles,
Forming a muffled canvas
Which expands outward
As the clouds part
And harsher instruments begin
To play with this watery orchestra

Faster now.
The melody is channeled down.
The chimney flue embellishes
On the rhythm with
A metallic voice of its own.

The wind plays no small part.
As water spirals through the air,
Embraced precariously by the
Tree tops,
Only to fall downwards in its
Journey along a leafy waterfall.

Capricious as always,
It begins to relent.
The underlying rhythm murmurs a quieter tune.
Feathery caresses of sound
Close my eyes.
Pushing me
Beneath the surface.